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Shipping & Delivery


What if my address is incorrect??

We're sorry, but there's nothing we can do about it. Please take caution when entering your delivery information, as we are unable to alter or resend products that have been sent to the incorrect address. If there was an issue on our end, we would solve it right away and send you a replacement shipment.

What if the package is lost in the mail?

If your shipment is lost by the mail service, we will ship you a replacement at our cost with no reason.

What are the shipping costs?

Standard Shipping costs $9.90 USD. All orders over 80 USD are eligible to enjoy free standard shipping services.

What countries can I ship my order to?

We offer worldwide shipping. You can ship to any places in the world including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, EU, Turkey, France, Portugal, although shipping carriers and delivery times may vary.

How quickly can I get my order?

Please allow us 3 to 5 business days to process the order. And the delivery time it takes for your order to arrive vary based on where you placed it. Standard shipping takes between 6 and 15 business days on average (subject to flight availability and progress of customs clearance and aviation security check, etc.) however Mail delay does happen. If you have not received your package within a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.


USA: 6-12 business days

Hong Kong: 6-12 business days

Canada: 7-14 business days

Europe: 7-14 business days

Australia/New Zealand: 8-15 business days

Other countries: 10-15 business days

Is there tracking available for my order?

Yes, there is a link in your order confirmation email that allows you to track your package at any time.

Customs and import taxes

Any customs and import taxes that may apply are the responsibility of the buyer. Your destination country may levy VAT (Value Added Tax), additional taxes, customs, and/or duty fees in some instances. These additional costs are not included and are the recipient's responsibility. We are unable to estimate the costs since customs and taxes laws differ greatly from nation to country. If you have any queries, please contact your local customs office.