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Experience Japanese Street Style with Nonbiri Sty.

What is Japanese Street Style

Japanese street-style is often compared to American street style, although they are rather different. Traditionally, Japan’s styles have had a very strong tie to the work environment, reflecting the uniform culture. For the most part, black or dark colors are the most popular choice for everyday wear.

Why We Love It

Japan is on everyone’s mind this season. In fashion, in technology, and in culture, Japan is and will always be one of the most innovative places on the planet. Yet people around the globe know very little about their neighbor to the east. Japanese street fashion is something we all can be part of; with Nonbiri we make it possible for everyone to take part.

Give it a Try

Dressing for Japanese street-style just got easier: Nonbiri’s Dentou styles are here to help you out. It’s okay to give a new level of “charisma” to your typical day, to set yourself apart from others – one way or another, everyone can enjoy it.

Starting from Nonbiri’s Sōketsu Cropped Pants you can enjoy easy Japanese style for everyday life. Whether you want to stand out or be different, you’ll find here a plethora of Japanese street-style inspirations.

We are giving you endless ways to create a series of unique looks for your own personal style. Take you trend with style, shape it into a flowing cool Japanese street-style outfit with Nonbiri's incredibly soft street wear products and bring out a little flare. Nonbiri has the perfect blend of quality and comfort to help you become the best version of yourself.

Nonbiri Style

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